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Comments Off | March 6, 2012

Hello and welcome to our site!

We are a couple of new parents who were struggling to figure out what to feed our son day in and day out. After he started eating solids, it seemed like a constant struggle to plan out his meals (we have enough trouble doing it for ourselves!). We both work full-time so don’t have a ton of time to think about meals, but at the same time we know it’s important for our son to eat well-balanced meals. Because of our constant struggle coming up with a healthy, well-rounded daily menu, we thought that having a recipe resource would be helpful — and The Tiny Gourmet was born! We just wanted to have a place we could visit for ideas if we had no idea what to prepare.

We hope you stay a while and find this site a useful resource for meal ideas and planning for your little ones!

If you have any great recipes of your own that you would like to share, please click here and submit them to our site. And if you like, we can add you as one of our chefs!

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